Honour Roll

The City of Blacktown Squadron has a long and proud history, here is a list of some of the accomplishments of our members.

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Squadron OCs

1938 – 1941 Cmp.Cmdr Ratcliffe
1941 – 1952 Cmp.Cmdr W Payne
1952 – 1953 Cmp.Cmdr Abott
1953 – 1962 Sqn.Capt H Halliday
1962 – 1963 Sqn.Capt ┬áJ Rose (RAAF)
1963 – 1964 Sqn.Capt T Lester (FAA)
1964 – 1968 Sqn.Capt R Notley
1968 – 1971 Sqn.Capt W Moon
1971 – 1985 Sqn.Capt N Fairburn (RAAF / MSA)
1985 – 2005 Wng.Capt R McKenzie (MSA)
2005 – now Sqn.Capt D Barnes



The Australian Air League has trained many young (and not so young) pilots. To recognise the achievements of our Squadron members our former OC, Sqn.Capt Noel Fairburn initiated the Fairburn Shield, a perpetual trophy containing the names of all members who learnt to fly with the Air League.

E Klingenberg Sqn.Sgt Willian Tarbuck – 1999
Floyd Chambers Cpl Eddie Watt – 1999
D Butler Cpl Wade Quinlan – 1999
Ralph Molleda Wng.Capt Rod Leonard (MSA) – 2000
W/O Brian Grinter – 1991 Sqn.Sgt Travis Kolek – 2003
Cpl Jonathon Chant – 1992 L.Cdt Joel Mortimer – 2003 (RAAF)
Cpl Michael Leonard – 1993 (RAAF) L.Cdt Jeremy Sequeira – 2003
Cpl Ross Laves – 1993 (RAAF) W/O Mitchell McDonough – 2012 (RAAF)
Cpl Andrew Leonard – 1996 (RAAF)

Did you also learn to fly with the Australian Air League? If you were a member of City of Blacktown Squadron then email us so your name can be added to the list, we’d love to hear from you!

Cadet of the Year


1994 Sgt Ross Laves (NSW Boys Group)
1995 Sgt Michael Leonard (NSW Boys Group and Federal)
1997 Sgt Andrew Leonard (NSW Boys Group)
2000 Sgt William Tarbuck (NSW Boys Group and Federal)
2002 Sqn.Sgt Travis Kolek (NSW Boys Group and Federal)
2003 L.Cdt Jeremy Sequeira (NSW Boys Group)
2010 Sgt Mitchell McDonough (NSW Boys Group)

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Winners


Bronze Silver Gold
Andrew Reid Stephen Forrest
Greg Williamson Raymond Telford
Stephen Forrest
Brian Grinter
Jason Dobbie
Raymond Telford
Ryan Barnes
James Oliver
Joel Mortimer
Jeremy Sequeira
Nicholas Hanna
Michael Harrison
Travis Kolek
Adam Grinter

Australian Air League Diploma


The Australian Air League Diploma is the highest educational achievement that can be obtained by Air League members .

Sgt Andrew Leonard
Sqn.Sgt Willian Tarbuck
Sqn.Lt. Brian Grinter
Sgt Travis Kolek
Sgt Joel Mortimer

(Ranks shown are as at date of achievement)